Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Tuesday 21st June: Hello Kitty X Lazy Oaf

Hello Kitty X Lazy Oaf has launched with what seems like the most perfect collaboration to date with her trademark bow being a signature style for Lazy Oaf too!  It comes in the form of a tie-back baseball cap and the centre seam for a sweater.  My favourite piece is the mini-skirt with high-rise waist from her ears neatly laying on your ribs.  So cute.  So Kawaii.  So Lazy Oaf. 

Shop the capsule collection here.

(Emily pictured top, from Haunt Mag)

Wednesday 21st June: Hair & Beauty

I was lucky enough to have a smarten up and makeover for London Fashion Week, Mens. Firstly, Johan Aspinas at SACO not only gave me a beautiful clean cut but also gave me their conditioning spray to maintain healthy hair inbetween appointments.  I loved the Fitzrovia salon decorated by Natalie Gibson with tin decorations she has brought back from Mexico.  (See her Selby portraits here).
Secondly I had the new locks styled by Sassoon at The Grooming Room to add some curls for a bit of fun and a pamper.  Thirdly I was able to get a makeup tutorial from Emily Kim c/o AOF Makeup whilst I was at The Century Club.  I'm going to try my best to replicate the techniques at home!  If only every day life was as luxurious as these appointments!

Saco Hair London
4 Charlotte Place
W1T     +44 (0)20 7240 7897

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tuesday 20th June: Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery

For national gin day we cycled 133k to Laverstock Mill which is home to the Bombay Sapphire Distillery where all of their gin is produced.  As it is also the month of London Festival of Architecture it doubled-up the cultural expedition for its new glasshouse attraction designed by the Thomas Heatherick Studio.  Here you can find all ten of their botanicals from around the world growing in one place, heated by steam coming directly from the distilling process.  This contemporary structure appears as a funnel from the original building "India House" which once printed banknotes for the Bank of India but now holds two large vapour infusion stills.  It's a beautiful setting with Swans bobbing along the chalk stream running alongside the entire site.     
You can walk around all areas of the mill, navigating with an aroma map and get to smell the pure essence from each botanical in an interactive lab.  With a punch card (like orientering) you choose your favourite flavours before ending up in a cocktail bar where a drink is made to your very own specifications.  We are pictured in the greenhouse wearing our new cycling garms designed by Camille Walala and Kate Moross in collaboration with Romance Cycling in aid of World Bicycle Relief  .   An exciting new kit for an exceptional day!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Monday 19th June: "Propa Tee" exhibition at The Southbank Centre

My archive Bj√∂rk t-shirt in "Propa Tee", an exhibition at The Southbank Centre curated by M.I.A, Gorillaz co-producer Remi Kabaka and art director Harris Elliott.  The showcase of 40 years of music t-shirts takes place in the Archive Studio space as part of M.I.A's Meltdown Festival for this Summer.  

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Wednesday 14th June: RCA Fashion Show 2017 - highlights

Zahra Sooty Hosseini

Matthew Duffy

Seunghee Lim

Christine Kinson

Rose Frances Danford-Philips

Charlotte Marie McDonald

Bianca Saunders

Matija Cop

Ellie Rousseau ft. Leo Carlton headwear

Xintong Wang

Han Kim

RCA Fashion Show 2017 - here are highlights from different designers across the womenswear, menswear and knitwear MA which demonstrated amazing innovation and technology for the future stars!  
See Bianca Saunders fashion film with Akinola Davies "Personal Politics" on the 15th and 16th June at the Ace Hotel.

Wednesday 14th June: RCA Fashion Show 2017 - Colin Horgan

RCA Fashion Show 2017 = Colin Horgan's layers of iridescent panelling, patch-worked together like cosmic armour.  I love how the abstract shapes twist around the body to form garments rather than typical pattern cutting .......... and of course I particularly took a shine to the material of the different hues of spectrum oily reflection.  LUSH!